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The Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited

Manager Trainee Programme

The Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited (HKMC) is wholly owned by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government through the Exchange Fund. The Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited (HKMC), together with its subsidiaries and subsidiary undertakings (the HKMC Group), is a premier corporation engaged in asset purchase, mortgage and insurance business in Hong Kong.


The Manager Trainee Programme aims to identify and groom high-calibre young executives to meet the HKMC Group’s long-term staff development plans.

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What Makes Our Manager Trainee Programme Unique

Our Mission

Promising Career Paths


 Our Mission

 Promising Career Paths


The HKMC Group is a premier corporation engaged in asset purchase and mortgage and insurance business in Hong Kong.  We strive to develop financial products to fulfil the HKMC’s mandates, fill the market gaps and foster market development.

The high-calibre young talent we recruit will undergo job rotations and on-the-job training in different departments, and take part in corporate projects. Those who have successfully completed the three-year programme would be appointed as Manager and continue to grow their career within the organisation.

We regard teamwork and delegation at work highly as it brings out the full range of talents of employees. We organise our structure and work tasks efficiently to cope with the increasing scope of operations and complexity of products.

A Caring Organisation

Comprehensive Training

Competitive Reward

A Caring Organisation

Comprehensive Training

Competitive Reward

We are dedicated to looking after our employees and promote a healthy work-life balance. We organise leisure and volunteering activities regularly to cultivate a caring culture.

We recognise the importance of ongoing training and devote considerable resources to grow our talent. From time to time, we also sponsor our colleagues for external courses to acquire technical knowledge and leadership skills.

We offer competitive remuneration packages and fringe benefits, including comprehensive insurance coverage and retirement scheme.


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Programme Structure

Throughout the three-year programme, the Manager Trainees will undergo on-the-job training in different departments, take part in corporate projects and attend structured learning and development programmes. Those who have successfully completed the Programme would be appointed as Manager.



Key Features of the Programme


  • In-depth rotations and on-the-job training in different departments. Each rotation lasts for at least six months
  • Long-term and diverse career advancement opportunities available in different business divisions
  • A friendly and supportive environment that nurtures talent, with supervisors and mentors who provide guidance and advice for your development
  • Local and overseas training opportunities in technical knowledge and leadership skills
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Experience Sharing


“Colleagues here are caring, helpful and enthusiastic about what they do. They are always willing to teach and share their experience with me. I feel free asking questions and they are patient to answer them in detail. The supportive culture has helped me get up to speed at work quickly, and this is highly beneficial to a recent graduate who starts to build a career."


Frankie Cheung

Senior Manager

Treasury Department

Manager Trainee 2017

BASc in Sciences & Engineering, University College London

Frankie Cheung



"I would say the most memorable part of my MT experience is being part of the start-up team for the SME Financing Guarantee Scheme (SFGS). I had little experience in this domain, but the senior management entrusted me to work on a wide range of tasks, including research studies, product development, policy drafting, up to the product launch and promotion to the public. Involving the end-to-end process and working with different stakeholders. This has been great training for my technical skills and leadership and a precious opportunity for my career development”


Jack Wong

Senior Investment Officer, Infrastructure Investment

Infrastructure Financing and Securitisation

Manager Trainee 2014

MSocSc in Global Political Economy, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

BEcon&Fin, The University of Hong Kong

Jack Wong

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What We Look for


  • Degree holder;
  • Keen interest in finance industry;
  • A quick learner with strong analytical ability and communication skills;
  • Conscientious and highly motivated; and
  • Excellent command of English and Chinese.

Recruitment Process


After receiving the applications, we will invite the shortlisted candidates to take the aptitude tests and/or written tests. Suitable applicants will be invited to face-to-face interviews with a panel of interviewers.



 Recruitment Process



The application for Manager Trainee Programme 2023 is now closed. Thank you for your interest in the programme. If you have any enquiries , please send email to

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Q: What does a rotation look like?

A: Our MTs are assigned to work in a department in the HKMC Group for approximately six to nine months in each rotation. They will be exposed to real work tasks for daily operation as well as project-based activities, with the goal of equipping them with practical knowledge and building their track record. Such an arrangement provides a good balance of tasks and depth of experience, as well as a diverse perspective on the business and the finance industry.


Q: What training and development opportunities will the HKMC provide for the Manager Trainees?

A: Our MTs go through job rotations in different departments, not only to understand how things work, but also deliver results and receive feedback that enhances their development. We offer in-house training workshops on a regular basis, and our MTs will be given the opportunity to attend programmes overseas. Some of our MTs have also received sponsorship for master’s degree courses for their long term career development. 


Q: My major of study is not related to business or finance, can I still apply for this Programme?

A: Yes. We welcome applications from degree holders in any discipline. If you are interested to develop a career with us, and believe that you have what we look for, we look forward to receiving your application.


Q: I am currently studying abroad or in an exchange programme, can the interview be conducted online?

A: We will try to arrange and conduct the interviews through phone or video calls. Because of possible time zone difference, we appreciate if you can be flexible in your schedule.


Q: Can I choose the departments that I would like to take part in during the three-year rotation period?

A: We will consider your interests and believe that you learn most when you possess curiosity on a topic. At the same time, we need to consider the business needs and strike a balance. What we can ensure is that the MT will get exposure to different areas and be equipped to be an all-round finance professional.


Q. What is the salary and benefits package for Manager Trainees?
A: The starting salary of Manager Trainee will be HK$33,000 per month. We also provide a comprehensive benefits package, such as coverage on medical and dental benefits, and life insurance.


Q: When will I be contacted after submitting the application?

A: We will contact the shortlisted candidates for assessment within 8 weeks after receiving the application; candidates who are not invited for assessment may consider their application unsuccessful.