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The Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited



The Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited (HKMC), established in March 1997, is wholly owned by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government through the Exchange Fund.





The missions of the HKMC are to promote:

  • stability of the banking sector
  • wider home ownership
  • development of the local debt market
  • development of retirement planning market

Major Business Activities

While the HKMC is wholly owned by the HKSAR Government through the Exchange Fund, the HKMC operates in the market on the basis of prudent commercial principles. The major business activities of the HKMC are:

  • To purchase portfolios of mortgages or loans secured on properties or other collateral situated in Hong Kong
  • To issue debt securities to investors
  • To provide mortgage insurance cover to banks in respect of mortgage loans and reverse mortgage loans originated by such banks and secured on residential properties and other assets
  • To operate a platform for the HKSAR Government to provide financial guarantee cover to banks in respect of loans advanced to local non-listed enterprises, including small and medium enterprises
  • To purchase and co-finance infrastructure loans, and securitise the loans into marketable debt securities after accumulating a diversified infrastructure asset portfolio
  • To offer life annuity products in or from Hong Kong