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The Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited

Bauhinia ILBS 1

Bauhinia ILBS 1 Limited acquired a diversified portfolio of project and infrastructure loans across multiple geographies and sectors from the HKMC for an aggregate purchase consideration of US$404.8 million. The Portfolio is diversified across 25 projects among 9 sub-sectors as at the date of the Information Memorandum. The projects underlying the Portfolio are located in 12 countries across the Asia-Pacific, Middle East and the South America regions. The Portfolio has been assembled with a focus on availability-based infrastructure assets in the conventional power and water and social subsectors.



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Party Opinion

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Quarterly and Payment Date Reports

Sep 2023 

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Dec 2023 

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Mar 2024 

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Audited Financial Statements

FY 2023 

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Indicative Capital Structure


ClassRating (Moody's)1Principal Amount (USD million)Spread2Legal Maturity Date
A1-SUAaa (sf)100.001.60%19 October 2044
A1Aaa (sf)199.601.70%19 October 2044
BAa1 (sf)36.502.50%19 October 2044
CA2 (sf)18.253.95%19 October 2044
DBaa3 (sf)10.005.95%19 October 2044
Subordinated NotesNot rated40.436.00%19 October 2044


1 Original rating at date of closing.

2 Spread is applied over 6-month term SOFR

Portfolio Overview


May 03
FY2023 Audited Financial Statements
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Apr 18
Mar 2024 Payment Date Report
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Apr 15
Moody's Ratings Action on Class C and Class D Notes
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Mar 27
Moody's Assessment Announcement
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Jan 18
Dec 2023 Quarterly Report (revised on 31 January 2024)
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Sponsor and Collateral Manager 


Joint Global Coordinators, Joint Bookrunners and Joint Lead Managers




Transaction Administrator, Trustee, Account Bank, Calculation Agent, Principal Paying Agent, Registrar and Transfer Agent
Legal advisers
LinklatersClifford Chance


Sustainable Finance
Opinion Providers
Pre-issuance sustainability
impact advisor
Rating Agency
Moody's Investors
Service Ltd


Corporate Services Provider

Last Update Date: 03/05/2024